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That’s the kicker about skincare. We’re all different. Heck, the air in our homes and the water in our pipes can trigger problems. I really don’t want to google that simply because I don’t want to scare myself! I’ve had such good results that I don’t want to scare myself away from using the copper. I am looking at alternate serums but really don’t want the bad stuff to come back if I stop the copper. I sound like an addict. :/

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As someone who is mostly into girl groups, I strongly disagree. I consider 2014 to have been an amazing year for girl group debuts, possibly even stronger than 2012 and the best since 2009. Next year could be equally strong if YG, JYP and Cube finally debut their girl groups. Girl groups aside, Winner and AKMU were massive debuts this year. Got7 had a solid debut as well.

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प्यार का अंदाज

प्यार का अंदाज

हमारे प्यार करने पर ,गज़ब अंदाज है उनका,
दिखाती तो झिझक है पर,मज़ा उनको भी आता है
कभी जब रूठ वो जाते,चाहते हम करें मिन्नत,
वो मुस्काते है मन में जब,उन्हें जाया मनाता है
संवर कर और सज कर जब ,पूछते,कैसे लगते है,
समझते हम निमंत्रण है,रहा हमसे न जाता है
उन्हें बाहों में भर कर के,हम उन्हें प्यार जब करते,
खफा होते जब ,होठों से , लिपस्टिक छूट जाता है

मदन मोहन बाहेती’घोटू’